Editing Services

Kaitlin brought her expertise to my story in so many unexpected ways. She was able to jump into the midst of things and give constructive criticism without making me feel exposed or incapable. I appreciate the professionalism in her critique. She rearranged, reworded, interjected, and suggested in all the right places. Kaitlin would definitely be my choice in editors for the next book I publish. — Melissa Veracruz, Absolutely

My goal as an editor is to help you get your story ready to publish and share with the world. My job is to help you tell your story as clearly as possible, and to polish your manuscript while leaving your unique voice intact. Sound like something you’re interested in? I would love to work with you!


I currently charge 0.012 per word. If you would like to see my work in action, I am happy to provide a free sample of the first five pages of your manuscript. Simply e-mail me at kaitlin.hillerich@gmail.com request an editing sample!

To save you the trouble of doing math, here are some calculated rates so you can get an idea of the cost:

80,000 words = $960

60,000 words = $720

50,000 words = $600

40,000 words = $480

My Preferences:

YA, NA, and Middle Grade fiction/non-fiction, and short story collections. I do give preference to Fantasy & Historical fiction, but accept all genres. I am also interested in adult novels that aren’t sexually explicit (i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey). I am also available to edit articles and blog posts.

Also, I’m happy to work with writers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. (I will accept manuscripts from any country as long as they are in English!).

What I do NOT accept:

Poetry, Biographies, Erotica, Horror, LGBT fiction

Why not?

These aren’t my cup of tea. All readers have their preferences. I strongly feel that an editor must enjoy the material she is editing because she will be spending a considerable amount of time and work on it. She also needs to be well-read in the genres she edits. Do you want someone who is not familiar with your genre and does not enjoy it to edit your work? Probably not. You will receive much better feedback from someone who is experienced in the genre.

Why hire an editor?

  • Having a fresh pair of eyes examine your novel is always helpful. We will catch things you never noticed.
  • An editor is an objective professional who will give you valuable, honest feedback about your novel.
  • An editor can help give you an edge and help you stay out of the slush pile. Getting published is tough and you have a lot of competition–you don’t want poor grammar and spelling to ruin your chances!
  • An editor can save you time.
  • If you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy self-editing, a professional editor can help ensure your work is the best it can be before you send it off to publishers or agents.

Why hire me?

I’m very detail-oriented and stress over the little things. Every comma, hyphen, and semi-colon will be scrutinized.

I am familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, which is what professional publishing houses use to edit their manuscripts. I will use this style guide to ensure your manuscript is professionally polished.

I will be in constant communication with you and keep you updated with what’s happening with your novel–you won’t be left in the dark!

I use the ‘track changes’ feature in Word which will allow you to view and accept or reject any changes made to your story. So no need to stress–nothing is permanent and you will have final say over all changes 😉

Not only do I scour grammar and spelling, but I also check for inconsistencies in plot and character. I leave feedback as I edit to let you know what works well and what you may want to take a look at. Additionally, it’s my job to make sure your story reads smooth and communicates its message clearly.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the length of your manuscript and how much attention it needs. I would expect at least 3-4 weeks for a 50-60k word novel. I’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate, though, after seeing your manuscript.

Should I copyright my work first?

Your work is automatically protected by law without formal registration of a copyright. You can read more about this on the U.S. Copyright Office’s FAQ page.


Want to work with me? Fantastic! Please shoot me an e-mail at kaitlin.hillerich@gmail.com that includes: the length of your novel in word count, the genre, a summary of what it’s about, and the attached document so I can give you an idea of a time-frame. I look forward to working with you!

Payment Policy

Full payment is required in advance. All transactions will be handled securely through PayPal.


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