Confessions of a Grammar Nazi: 10 Grammar Pet Peeves

Confessions of a Grammar NaziHappy National Grammar Day!

Does the slaughter of the English language send you into a passionate rage? You’re not alone.

In celebration of Grammar Day, let’s get into the festive spirit by grumping about irksome grammar no-nos that rankle most any writer.

Here are my top 10 grammar pet peeves that will exasperate your inner grammar Nazi.

#1: Your/You’re

Why is this so baffling to people? Your is possessive. You’re is a contraction for you are. As in, if you continue to run amok with your grammar, you’re going to get a beat down from a grammar Natzi.

#2: They’re/Their/There

They’re going to have to take their atrocious grammar over there. Far, far away. Actually, why don’t we just set up a quarantine.

#3: Then/Than

If you say “I’d rather have Boromir take the ring then Frodo” I will cast you into the fires of Mt. Doom.

Not really. But it might cross my mind.

#4: Its/It’s

It’s an apostrophe, not a government conspiracy. Why must you find this so bewildering? It’s= it is, Its= possessive.

#5: Ending a Sentence with ‘at’

This one really grates on my nerves, and unfortunately I live in the south where this runs rampant.

Where you at? Where’s it at? Where did you put my keys at? I don’t know where she’s at.

*cringe* Is it too much to ask to just leave out the last word? Before I go on a grammar-induced rampage. For the sake of your safety and my sanity, just…don’t.

#6: Text Talk

My eyes…are burning.

If I have to decipher your text code that looks like it comes from an alien planet, I’m just going to assume it was written by a less-intelligent life form.

#7: Couldn’t Care Less/Could Care Less

“I could care less about your grammar shenanigans!”

Well thanks, glad to know you don’t care at all. That would be tragic.

#8: Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Umm, I’m sorry but what exactly are you trying to “say” here?

#9: Oxford Comma

If you don’t use the Oxford comma, we can’t be friends.

Just kidding. But I will judge you o.O

#10: Good/Well

And last but not least, “You did good!” *face palm* No, Mom/Dad, I did well. As in, you taught me well. So now I can correct your grammar 😉

What brings out your inner grammar Nazi?

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